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Supported on all push enabled browsers

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are a powerful re-marketing tool that allow you as an advertiser to easily re-engage with your users, through personalised messages sent directly from ones browser. Fast, Efficient & Free, web push has quickly become a must-have for performance marketeers allowing for greater return on advertising spend and increased life time value of subscribers/users.


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What are the benefits of Web Push?

No Fees
PushPlus is 100% free. That’s right, Free! Enjoy a service with no hidden platform/software fees to maximize your potential earnings and add additional revenue to your bottom line!

High CTR
Content specific send outs help improve retargeting efforts by re-engaging users interests & improving the subscribers lifetime value.

Custom flows
Newly opted in users immediately enter into a custom flow that is optimized round the clock. Custom flows enable smart segmentation by offering vertical & geo specific content for over 40+ geos.

Incremental earnings
Grow your earnings as you continue to collect! As your subscriber count increases, so does your profit. It’s a win - win!

Offline send outs
Push notifications are delivered on your android or desktop device even when the user is offline. Users can therefore be re-engaged as soon as they open up their desktop or mobile device. There is no delay!

PushPlus adapts send out content and timing to optimize earnings, reduce unsubscription rate and improve congruency.

Instant Setup

As easy as 1,2,3!

Setup requires less than 5 minutes and no need to be an IT expert to get started!

Step 1.

Stay in the loop with notifications about new discounts and updates.

Step 1.

Then upload your PushPlus service worker file (PushPlus.js) into the domains Root Directory.

Step 2

Auto Promt

Prompt after

2 pageviews


4 seconds

Step 2.

Then upload your PushPlus service worker file (PushPlus.js) into the domains Root Directory.

Step 3

Campagin #1 ROI 285%


Step 3.

Now sit back, relax and start watching the money come in 😄

Why PushPlus?

Industry Leaders

24/7 Support

Personal Account Manager

Free Service

Top performing Verticals:





Gambling & many more!

Little to no effort required

Allowing you to save time and focus your energy in other important areas!


Benefit from more in depth segmentation to reach better results.

Team of experts

PushPlus has a team of dedicated & experienced web push experts working round the clock to make sure your revenue stream increases.

Auto Optimization

All custom-flows and offers are optimized on a daily basis by our team.

It’s great business

Beneficial rev-share percentages for higher traffic volumes!


Watch your earnings scale with your traffic volume. The sky is the limit and there are no limitations on your returns.


With over 1 billion send outs each day, our experience has taught us, that there is little to NO impact on the CR.

We cater for traffic in 40+ geos, most notably in North America, Europe and Oceania.

Web push notifications are compatible with Desktop & Android mobile devices. IOS does not yet support this feature.

Typically, we adopt a 50/50 revshare policy but beneficial percentages are negotiable for partners with larger traffic volume.

We offer payment on a net 7 basis.

You can start making money as soon as you have successfully implemented the script and java-script file to your site/s.